Amazing News!!! JOIN US!!!

Dear friends of the park,

With lots of hard work, Monarch Park will be re-opening soon!

Creekside Conservancy is working toward reopening Monarch and it will be used for conservation education and be the jewel of Thurston County that we all enjoy! WE NEED YOUR HELP!!

Join us on September 27th from 11am to 6pm at 8431 Waldrick Road SE Tenino for a benefit to aid in the park's reopening.  There will be music, food, demos, hands-on projects, an art auction of works from the Monarch collection and a raffle of a Welman sculpture!

Looking forward to seeing you at the park!

Note from 2011 - Due to the efforts of County Commissioner Sandra Romero and civic leaders from 5 local cities, funds were gathered to keep the park open while efforts are being made to find funding partners. Volunteer work parties are keeping the grounds maintained. But, your help is needed. Volunteer your time, expertise, or help fund the park.

Click here for directions to the park

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